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Tracey Joelson - Chiropractor

Tracey Joelson completed her 6-year chiropractic qualification in 2001. She has practiced mainly on the KZN South Coast at Medicross and as a locum across KZN. She has also practiced from home and worked at numerous sporting events, including The Comrades, All African Games, National tennis, cricket, swimming, surfing, gymnastics, touch rugby and softball tournaments.

Chiropractic is a health profession specialising in the musculoskeletal system (spine, muscle and joint pain) and is one of the most popular forms of manual therapy worldwide. Chiropractors treat all adults and kids with back pain, muscular headaches, sprains, sports injuries, tendinitis, arthritis, joint pain etc with safe drug-free techniques. 


Chiropractors help to create the optimal alignment of the spine which can help to optimise your nervous system and health. Chiropractors treat kids with safe and gentle techniques. Chiropractic can free kids of spinal nerve stress so that the body’s natural healing potential can function at its best which can mean improved sleep, improved concentration, improved behaviour and immune function.

Tracey is married with 4 children and enjoys treating both children and adults with all musculoskeletal pain from headaches and neck pain to shoulders and backs, knee pain, ankle sprains and all foot pain. She has a special interest in wellness and helping people live their best lives, making sure they eating healthily and getting the best exercise for their body, as well as sleeping on the right pillows and wearing the right shoes.


Tracey Joelson

tel: 073 907 1581

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