A contemporary and affordable mainstream school with smaller, tailored classes

Eden Village Preparatory School opened its doors in January 2020, providing a quality and affordable mainstream education to children from Grades 1-7.

Limited to two classes per grade: our classes range between 14 and 24 pupils, enabling a more personalised teaching experience for pupils who thrive in a smaller class environment. Given our smaller class sizes, and our focus on differentiated teaching techniques, we are able to accommodate pupils who learn at different rates, including those children seeking to overcome specific short-term barriers to learning.

Eden Village Prep follows a CAPS curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy, numeracy and enquiry based learning techniques. We recognise that traditional mainstream education must evolve and respond to rapidly advancing globalisation and technology dynamics. Our distinctive approach to education will focus on teaching children the skills and attitudes of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and co-creation, grit and determination, creative enquiry and innovation. We will ensure that we prepare our pupils for their future by providing an engaging learning environment that grows them emotionally, socially, physically and attitudinally.