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The dynamic sport of padel has been in action since 1969, when Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera set up the first-ever padel court at his holiday home in Acapulco. Since then it has spread rapidly across the globe, and is finally finding popularity here in South Africa. Relatively easy to play, fun and extremely sociable, as a predominantly doubles game, we are tremendously excited to introduce padel to our schools for several hours in the weekday mornings, and to the community early weekday mornings, weekday afternoons and evenings, and throughout the weekends, public and school holidays.

The operators and co-investors of Eden Padel, together with our landlords, are Kevin Ullyett and Ryan Venter from Padel Pros. Some of you may know Kevin, who is a former professional tennis player, having won men's doubles Grand Slam titles at the 2001 US Open and the 2005 Australian Open. He also competed in the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics, and won the 2002 Australian Open mixed doubles. He went on to reach the mixed doubles final of Wimbledon in 2002 and Australian open in 2005.


Ryan is also an avid sportsman and relocated to Ballito from the USA in 2018 where he successfully assisted in running the Longridge tennis club in Stamford, Connecticut for several years. He is a very keen tennis player and played in the US Open qualifying tournament in 2014 at the tender age of 39! Ryan’s main passion was cricket and he played at a high level with the likes of Neil Mckenzie, Nic Pothas, David Terbrugge and Zander de Bruyn to name a few! 


Eden Padel will be open to members on weekdays between the hours of 06h00 and 08h00, and again from 13h00 to late. Both Village Kidz and Eden Village Prep will share dedicated access to the courts between the hours of 08h00 and 13h00, where our coaches will teach pupils the basics of the game whilst developing the children's hand-eye coordination and improving their ball skills. Eden Padel members will have access to the courts on the weekends, public holidays and school holidays between the hours of 06h00 and 22h00. 

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