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The Autism Project

The Autism Project strives to provide practical solutions to families with children on the autism spectrum as well as for professionals and organisations working with autistic individuals. The Autism Project team believe strongly in a trans-disciplinary team approach, in which the sharing of skills, goals and the delivery of interventions ensures generalisation of and consistency for our children – two vital ingredients for progress! We see the essential need for our families to be well supported and living in a happy environment and as such, families’ are trained in the basic strategies used in our sessions.


Tam Bennett has extensive training in Autism specific interventions and education, almost 20 years of experience on the ground with numerous children with ASD, and hands on experience in a wide variety of settings. She has been involved in the set ups of Autism units around the world as well as two Carousel Units and an Early Intervention Class locally. She is passionate about advocating for people with Autism on a variety of levels, and has been strategically involved in founding Autism Botswana. She has coauthored the Hands On Autism course and trained numerous educators, parents, and professionals nation wide for Autism; South Africa. The Autism Project was birthed out of a local need for personalised and individualised programs for children with ASD. Tam believes strongly in trans-disciplinary intervention where therapists and practitioners work closely with families to provide a consistent and collaborative programme in all settings. Unlike many purists, Tam does not believe in a one fits all approach to treating Autism. She sees every child as unique and tailors their home and centre based programme to ensure that the child reaches their potential. Tam is committed to both sharing and continuing to extend her knowledge and has collaborated with other key professionals in the field of Autism to design a comprehensive, practical, and invaluable Autism specific training: The Autism Project Course.


Tam Bennett (Principal)

tel: 072 282 2997



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