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Melissa Johns - Biokineticist

Bio + Kinetics = Life through Movement

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Biokinetics is a holistic way to improve wellness, physical stability and quality of life. Biokinetics is the clinical science of exercise physiology, sports performance, and prescriptive rehabilitation from injury and medical procedures.

Biokinetics is injury preventative and one of the best investments you can make in your physical well-being. When you activate your core stability and regain your flexibility you will enhance your everyday mobility, increase fitness and improve the chances of preventing injury now and in the future. We assist our clients in getting to know and understand their bodies and work with a wide range of people from varying age groups. Your health and quality of life is the most important investment you can make.

“Getting older is inevitable, ageing is optional.” – Dr Christiane Northrup

Melissa Johns

tel: 083 780 1004


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