Clay - Occupational Therapy

Established in 2015, CLAY is a Paediatric Occupational Therapy Practice owned and operated by Jessica Roux and Nicky Burge, alongside their team of Paediatric OTs. Based on-site at Eden Village Preparatory School, the CLAY team are passionate about our work in paediatrics with a special interest in early intervention and Sensory Integration. We consider function, independence and quality of life to be integral to therapy.

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CLAY Occupational Therapy serves to empower children, parents and teachers with tools to overcome learning, social and personal barriers, reveal potential, and release individual growth. We are passionate about early intervention and aim to help mould and develop your child, recognising individuality and allowing them the best opportunity to flourish in their environment.

Jess Roux

tel: 082 374 2916


Nicky Burge

tel: 079 116 6982