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Ashley Dearling - Occupational Therapy

Ashley Dearling Occupational Therapists is a young, dynamic, adaptable team of Occupational Therapists who provide evidence based, best practice Occupational Therapy (OT), using a Sensory Integrative approach. As a result, we regularly attend courses, workshops and conferences to ensure that we provide relevant and up-to-date therapy specifically targeting each child’s unique needs. We are passionate about helping children overcome the difficulties they are experiencing, whether scholastic, sporting, or involving their activities of daily living to live happy, fulfilling and productive lives.

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From our experience of working in a number of different preschools and primary schools, (in addition to offering practice based therapy sessions), we pride ourselves on our team-work, communication skills and open channels of communication between all roles players (therapists, teachers and the child). This ensures each child makes steady and significant gains in therapy. In addition, we are particularly passionate about teacher and parent education, providing regular in service training presentations to teachers on relevant developmental topics, and giving regular feedback and advice to parents. As a team, we believe good results are achieved by having boundless enthusiasm, positivity and patience, and we strive to ensure that each child experiences this. Our objective is that each child leaves their therapy sessions feeling capable, competent, positive and happy.

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