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Barista Boys

Barista Boys, which has now been running for 3-years, was started on the 26th of June 2018 by two young 13-year-old entrepreneurs who were looking for ways to make money during their holidays. 


After spending time running through so many of the old clichéd ideas like a car wash and a lemonade stand, none of which really jumped out at us, we thought that perhaps the Gap in the market that we could fill was to start selling coffee at the entrance to our complex to parents driving out to work early in the morning.

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We started the business on a R120 initial investment and sold Nescafé Gold coffee in polystyrene cups...  We also branched out into selling instant coffee for months on end at markets and other events, such as sports days and weddings and eventually from our profits bought ourselves a Nouva Simonelli espresso machine and continued doing events, but now as a more professional unit. 


Two years later after coming up with the idea, in April 2020 we opened our new permanent home for Barista Boys in Eden Village, and at around the same time I took over as 100% owner of the business. Barista Boys had been growing ever since to what it is today! Make sure to come and visit us, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook
-Keegan Walker (15).


Keegan Walker

tel: 076 532 4563

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